C & S Shell Cabinet

Steven Ko
Dear shell collectors and dealers,

My name is Steven Ko. I am living in Taipei, Taiwan. I started to collect shells when I was 10 years old. Because Taipei City is not so far away from the seaside, I have a lot of chance to go there. I found seashell is  the most wonderful thing in the world. Since I touched my first collection, I fall in love in shell collection. Now I am 47 years old, I am still love in it. 

Due to I am doing business of exportation of toys to all over the world, so I have many chance to go oversea not only for my main business purpose but also take a chance to collect or buy the shells. I love sea so I also like skin diving for shelling. 

Lot of collectors are only interested in few families, but I collect them all. Now I have over 5,500 species in my collection. I would like to making friends by the shells collecting. If you have chance to visit Taipei of Taiwan, you are always welcome to visit me at anytime. Please contact me. Thank you.

Steven Ko