C & S Shell Cabinet

C & S Shell Cabinet provides a number of services for both dealers and collectors.  If you do not see a service offered here that you feel we might be interested in, please contact us at:  shellcabinet@netvigator.com.  

C & S Shell Cabinet builds and hosts web pages for dealers and shell clubs.  Dealers, who shop carefully will find that the services offered by this site are very competitive.  And when you consider that over 68 million people visit the internet everyday, this is by far the most cost effective way to advertise.  More information provided below.

Finally, C & S Shell Cabinet is always interested in purchasing specimen quality collections.  Contact us at: , if you have a collection for sale.

Web pages for dealers:

C & S Shell Cabinet has all the tools needed to design your business web page. You are only limited by your imagination and you pocketbook. We provide the following services:

  • Web page construction
  • Web page hosting and maintenance
  • Competitive prices
The prices for services provided by C & S Shell Cabinet are by far the cheapest around, but don't take my word for it. Check it out, and if you can find anyone that can provide the same quantity and quality of services for less, please let me know and we use them instead.

Also take a look at the individual services we offer.  Our custom services are at least 30% to 40% cheaper than anybody else on the net. Yeah, you can find free web space out there, but take a deeper look. Their servers are typically very slow and your page is static. 

Please contact us for free estimate:

Web pages for shell clubs:

C & S Shell Cabinet will gladly design, constructand host a web page "free of charge" for any shell club in the world. There are no hidden catches or tricks. There are however a couple of simple rulesto receiving a free web page:

  • It must be a legitimate shell club.Somebody on this planet must be able to vouch for your club's existence,if I don't recognize the name.
  • and you are not allowed to sellany merchandise via the web page other than your club's collectibles, i.e..pins, mugs and T-shirts, etc...
  • Now, if your club can live with those two rules,you can get a web page. Here is what you can expect to get free from C & S Shell Cabinet:
    • choose your own layout
    • any color of background and text
    • up to three graphics
    • four revisions or updates duringthe year
    • your web page will be linked to C & S Shell Cabinet

Selling at the auction:

You can sell any of your molluscs related items at the auction.  The fee for this service is 20% of the total sale price plus insert fee for each lot.  If your shell does not sell in the auction, you only pay the insert fee for the handling charges.

1-10 lots, 50 cents each

11-30 lots, 40 cents each

30 lots up, 30 cents each

Please note that the cost of postage for mailing shells between the owner and C & S Shell Cabinet is the owner's.

You can send either the shells or images. You may have as many images of the same shell as needed.  Two images are normally sufficient. You can send the images via email, or photos by snail mail. C & S Shell Cabinet reserves the right to change the size of the images and formats, so that they will load more efficiently.

We reserve the right to accept the maximum number of lots you can have in any one auction. 

Each lot can be a single item, pair, set or series.  Shells or images, and data must be delivered to C & S Shell Cabinet no later than 10 days prior to the auction start date. Please print or type the data tag with each shell to prevent any mistake. 

You must establish a minimum bid for each item and provide a grade of quality.  Once the minimum bid is set you cannot change it. You are not allowed to bid on your own items.  In addition to any of your comments on an item, C & S Shell Cabinet will also provided a complete description of anything noteworthy about the item both pro and con.  You are prohibited from manipulating the price of any item, by use of a shill (a secondary account or third party).  Any individual who is found to shill bid on items will be barred from all future auctions. 

C & S Shell Cabinet normally provides all shipping and billing arrangements between the bidder and C & S Shell Cabinet.  If you elect to handle shipping arrangements yourself, you must remember that you can not add any additional charges for shipping and postage.  C & S Shell Cabinet will not provide any postage for you in this case as we do not charge actual postage for the bidder. 

Shipping is as follows: All items sent from USA dealers to a US postal address will be sent by First Class mail. Items with a value of $100 or more, sent to a US postal address will be insured. All items sent from C & S Shell Cabinet will be sent by registered air mail. The only exception to the no addition charge rule is, if the collector requests different shipping arrangements.  All billing and disbursement of moneys is conducted by C & S Shell Cabinet. 

We reserve the right to make final decision of the postage. 

Since we are in Hong Kong, there is a longer period of time needed cash the cheques and to process credit card payments. It normally takes about 40 days or a little longer to get all the money from the bidders. Once we receive all the payments from the bidders, we shall arrange to send out the payment to the owners as soon as possible.

There are 5 types of payment you can select.
a.    Paypal
b.    Cheque in HK$ by registered air mail
c.    Cheque in US$ by registered air mail (Extra $10 for bank charge) 
d.    Credit card payment (For dealer only)
e.    Bank transfer  (Extra $25 for bank charge locally, you need to pay any oversea charges)

Finally, we have two kinds of auctions: "Open Consignment" and "C & S Shell Cabinet Only" auctions.  Open Consignment auctions are open to both dealers and collectors. C & S Shell Cabinet only auctions are just for shells being offered by us and authorized dealers. A list of future auction dates for both types of auctions can be found on the Events on Web page. 

C & S Shell Cabinet reserves the right to refuse any submissions 

If you accept our rules, please send to  

C & S Shell Cabinet  
GPO Box 4536  
Hong Kong