C & S Shell Cabinet

Auction Notes

There is no doubt, that some of you will notice similarities of our auction site to another site which once existed. However, other than using the same kind of program which is commercially available, there is no connection.

The auction has some very useful features, such as a interactive help page and a bidder status page.  Every lot is given a number, which will allow you to search for it even after the auction closes.  That feature is found on the bottom left hand side of the main page.

When you see a number next to a family name, example:  Pectinidae (3), that means that there are shells under that family in the current auction.  If you see a zero, example:  Haliotidae (0), then there are no shells listed.

Results can be viewed for seven days after the auction, just by clicking on the family name.  After that you will need to know the Lot number.  To see the results up to thirty days after the auction type the Lot number in the box at the bottom of the main page.

Lastly, with any program, there are and will be minor issues which you will not like about the program.  We apologize in advance if something about the program bothers you.  Since it is a pre-made program and we are not ColdFusion script writers, we can not change it and will have to accept the program as is.

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Thank you for all your support,

C & S Shell Cabinet