Our Club brings together people who are interested in the study of molluscs, shell collecting, shell arts and crafts and other activities related to beachcombing, snorkeling and diving. We encourage conservation, not only for our members, but for everyone.

The Club was founded in 1987. We were granted our non-profit status in 1988. 

The Club meets the second Sunday of Sept., Oct., Nov., and January through May, (3PM) at the McKissick Museum, on the Horseshoe at the University of South Carolina campus. We have shell identification clinics, with the aid of Club members and our library, slide presentations, guest speakers and auctions.

Our newsletter, The Laddergram,is published bi-monthly and we participate in newsletter swaps with other participating shell clubs.

Our Club shell is the Epitonium krebsii, and our pin is the Ep.Krebsii superimposed over the outline of the state of South Carolina. The cost is $3.50, plus any postage, if applicable.

The Club gives a scholarship, administered by The University of South Carolina, to a student of marine biology at USC.

Annual dues are $10 for single membership
                       $15 for family membership

The Club is a member of COA.

For more information, contact

Carol Simpson 
121 Williams Way, Chapin, SC 29036 
email: Epitonium@aol.com

Hazel Andress
Newsletter Editor, The Laddergram 
4 Holly Tree Lane
Columbia, SC 29204
email: HYAndress@aol.com

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